1. B-001-009-001.... Who is responsible for the proper operation of an amateur station?
only the station owner who is the holder of an Amateur Radio Operator Certificate 
both the control operator and the station owner 
the person who owns the station equipment 
only the control operator 
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2. B-001-009-002.... If you transmit from another amateur's station, who is responsible for its proper operation?
both of you 
the station owner, unless the station records show that you were the control operator at the time 
the station owner 
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3. B-001-009-003.... What is your responsibility as a station owner?
you must allow another amateur to operate your station upon request 
you must be present whenever the station is operated 
you must notify Industry Canada if another amateur acts as the control operator 
you are responsible for the proper operation of the station in accordance with the regulations 
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4. B-001-009-004.... Who may be the control operator of an amateur station?
any person over 21 years of age with a Basic qualification 
any qualified amateur chosen by the station owner 
any person over 21 years of age with Basic and Morse code qualifications 
any person over 21 years of age 
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5. B-001-009-005.... When must an amateur station have a control operator?
a control operator is not needed 
whenever the station receiver is operated 
whenever the station is transmitting 
only when training another amateur 
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6. B-001-009-006.... When an amateur station is transmitting, where must its control operator be?
anywhere in the same building as the transmitter 
at the station's entrance, to control entry to the room 
anywhere within 50 km of the station location 
at the station's control point 
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7. B-001-009-007.... Why can't family members without qualifications transmit using your amateur station if they are alone with your equipment?
they must not use your equipment without your permission 
they must first know how to use the right abbreviations and Q signals 
they must first know the right frequencies and emissions modes for transmitting 
they must hold suitable amateur radio qualifications before they are allowed to be control operators 
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8. B-001-009-008.... The owner of an amateur station may:
permit anyone to take part in communications only if prior written permission is received from Industry Canada 
permit anyone to use the station without restrictions 
permit any person to operate the station under the supervision and in the presence of the holder of the amateur operator certificate 
permit anyone to use the station and take part in communications 
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9. B-001-009-009.... Which of the following statements is correct?
a person, holding only Basic qualification, may operate another station on 14.2 MHz. 
radio amateurs may permit any person to operate the station without supervision 
any person may operate an amateur station under supervision, and in the presence of, a person holding appropriate qualifications 
any person may operate a station in the amateur radio service 
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