1. B-001-003-001.... Out of amateur band transmissions:
must be identified with your call sign
are permitted
are prohibited - penalties could be assessed to the control operator
are permitted for short tests only
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2. B-001-003-002.... If an amateur pretends there is an emergency and transmits the word "MAYDAY", what is this called?
a traditional greeting in May
an emergency test transmission
nothing special: "MAYDAY" has no meaning in an emergency
false or deceptive signals
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3. B-001-003-003.... A person found guilty of transmitting a false or fraudulent distress signal, or interfering with, or obstructing any radio communication, without lawful cause, may be liable, on summary conviction, to a penalty of:
a fine, not exceeding $5 000, or a prison term of one year, or both
a fine of $10 000
a prison term of two years
a fine of $1 000
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4. B-001-003-004.... What government document states the offences and penalties for non compliance of the rules governing radiocommunications?
the Radiocommunications Law Reform Act of 2002
the Official Radio Rules of Canada
the Radiocommunication Act
the Radiocommunications Regulations
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5. B-001-003-005.... Which of the following is NOT correct? The Minister may suspend an Amateur Radio Operator Certificate:
where the holder has contravened the Radiocommuncation Act, itsRegulations, or the terms and conditions of the certificate
where the certificate was obtained through misrepresentation
with no notice, or opportunity to make representation thereto
where the holder has failed to comply with a request to pay fees or interest due
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6. B-001-003-006.... Which of the following statements is NOT correct?
where entry is refused, and is necessary to perform his duties under the Act, a radio inspector may obtain a warrant
a radio inspector may enter a dwelling without the consent of the occupant and without a warrant
in executing a warrant, a radio inspector shall not use force, unless accompanied by a peace officer, and force is authorized
the person in charge of a place entered by a radio inspector shall give the inspector information that the inspector requests
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