1. B-001-002-001.... What must you do to notify your mailing address changes?
telephone your local club, and give them your new address
contact an accredited examiner and provide details of your address change
contact Industry Canada and provide details of your address change
write amateur organizations advising them of your new address, enclosing your certificate.
No Answer
2. B-001-002-002.... An Amateur Radio Operator Certificate is valid for:
five years
three years
one year
for life
No Answer
3. B-001-002-003.... Whenever a change of address is made:
Industry Canada must be notified within 14 days of operation at the new address
the station shall not be operated until a change of address card is forwarded to Industry Canada
Industry Canada must be advised of any change in postal address
within the same province there is no need to notify Industry Canada
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4. B-001-002-004.... The Amateur Radio Operator Certificate:
must be put on file
must be kept in a safe place
must be retained at the station
must be kept on the person to whom it is issued.
No Answer
5. B-001-002-005.... The holder of an Amateur Radio Operator Certificate shall, at the request of a duly appointed radio inspector, produce the certificate, or a copy thereof, to the inspector, within __________ hours after the request:
No Answer
6. B-001-002-006.... The fee for an Amateur Radio Operator Certificate is:
No Answer
7. B-001-002-007.... The Amateur Radio Operator Certificate should be:
retained in a safety deposit box
retained on the radio amateur's person
retained in the radio amateur's vehicle
retained at the address notified to Industry Canada
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